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Apr 1, 2013 02:05 PM

Places to Eat near WTC Mexico City?

I would appreciate any recommendations for lunch/dinner near the World Trade Center Mexico City. I'm spending 10 days there starting Thursday and will mostly be spent with in-laws. The wife and I have one day to really spend on our own and want a good meal. Leaning toward Bistrot Maximo for dinner but am open to other suggestions. I'm staying at Hotel Novit close by too. Most of the places I've noticed nearby are overpriced tourist dredge. Any help would be well appreciated. Thanks!

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  1. There's an El Bajío down there. I hear Nagaoka is good Japanese. Chiadoni's ice cream parlor is "legendary". There's a place called Barbacoa de Santiago that I've been hearing good things about.

    Then of course there's Bellini, the revolving restaurant at the top of the WTC, if that's of any interest. I've heard the food is lackluster. I took a friend there for drinks and we had a decent Peruvian ceviche.

    Otherwise, you're not far from Condesa-Roma where all the usual recs apply. Máximo is a gem.

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      Thanks for the recs! I think we'll go to Bellini for drinks since all I've read about the food is not good. Will try to hit the Barbacoa de Santiago joint for lunch/snack and Maximo for dinner. Japanese sounds good as well! LOL!

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        Azul/Condesa is just a short cab ride away in Condesa, at Nuevo Leon #68. The food and service there are consistently glorious. i was just there for comida with friends on Thursday. I would go there before going to that particular El Bajio location. The only El Bajio I like is the original in Azcapotzalco, a long trek from the WTC.



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          The question was about what's near the WTC. Azcapotzalco does not qualify. And if you're going to eat anywhere, El Bajío is far superior to Hooters, Chili's, Johnny Rockets, and the vast majority of the other options in that area. In fact in my experience, in terms of the food, I wouldn't say it's worth going to Azcapotzalco. The food is marginally better at best. There's no reason unless you're really picky to avoid the other locations.

          As for Bellini, you go for the view and with low expectations otherwise. Thus our Peruvian ceviche was a pleasant surprise.

          I do agree that Azul Condesa is very well worth the cab ride. But "consistently glorious"? Not in my experience. Tending towards excellent, yes, but not consistently.

          1. re: Soul Vole

            I believe that if you re-read my response to the OP, you will see that I said that Azcapotzalco is a long way from the WTC--and by implication does not meet that poster's needs.

            Your opinion about restaurants often differs from mine. I simply state my experiences, and my experiences at El Bajio near the WTC have not been up to par, in terms of both food and service. My many comidas at Azul/Condesa have been wonderful in all respects.


            1. re: cristina

              Well maybe I misinterpreted your comment, but you seem to be suggesting that, short of going to the original location, he's better off avoiding El Bajío altogether.

              I can't speak to that location but having eaten at the Reforma 222 and Parque Delta locations many times, there's nothing seriously wrong with El Bajío. In fact it's pretty excellent. Some of the best refried beans and guacamole I've ever had came from the Parque Delta branch. I'm pretty confident it's going to be one of the better options in that area. And I think discounting it and having nothing to offer in its place is a disservice in this context.

              We are agreed that Azul Condesa is worth the relatively short trip. But I've received flawed food (scanning my notes -- "unpardonably dry" and dull bread, underseasoned arroz a la tumbada, dry, overcooked turkey encacahuatado, to name a few complaints) and inattentive service there. In no way can I agree that it's "consistently glorious". But the flaws are exceptions. It's still a big favorite of mine.

              Your uninformative "yuck" on Bellini, when it's already established what it does and probably doesn't have to offer, was simply rude.

    2. All of Roma Norte and Condesa are less than a ten minute taxi away--tops ten bucks? Here's a report from several months ago.

      If you need a reasonable, reliable and bi-lingual GPS equipped radio taxi in the form of a brand new Chevy, I can highly recommend Arturo 554-980-1915 or 554-852-7884. Say hello and tell him I sent you.

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        From WTC to anywhere in Condesa-Roma should cost at most maybe 40 pesos, something just north of $3US.