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Jan 10, 2001 10:56 PM

Great Vietnamese Restaurant in Houston

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I recently started visiting a great little Vietnamese restaurant on the edge of the Galleria area. On Hillcroft just south of Westheimer, Vietnam Coast has great sandwiches (listed here as an appetizer, but almost a meal by itself); fantastic Pho; and a variety of seafood dishes.

The spring roles were okay, but the lemon grass shrimp and their popular beef dish (ask the waiter-- he'll know what you mean) are very good.

They have a special section for Unique Dishes. Unfortunately, I don't have any specific recommendations, but am sure you'll enjoy whatever you order.

You will have a great meal before you spend $20, and that includes a couple of beers.



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  1. beware:

    sandwiches 1) do not come in the original sandwich style (cold meat/"thit nguoi")
    2) they are 5$ (2.5x the cost... but 1.5x the length)
    3) not a sandwich itll take longer if youre only there for the sandwiches

    if anyone else knows where to get VN sandwiches near the Galleria do post