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Apr 1, 2013 12:47 PM

Mushy (jarred) Gefilte Fish

Greetings hounds. Quite a few times, jarred gefilte fish not exposted to liquid has turned soft and mushy or moldy. If kept fully immersed, then it's fine. Although, a few weeks ago, the last piece in the last jar I opened, was complete mush when I tried to get it out of the jar.

I'm alone at home, so sometimes the jar will be in the fridge for weeks before I comsume all the pieces. In the jar I consumed this week (being Passover, I ate a piece almost every day) I proactively separated the pieces into different containers, but the tops--not immersed in liquid)--still turned soft. This, after less than 2 weeks after opening the jar.

Does anyone have any hints as to what I should do (or add) to preserve the GF? Typically I buy gefilte fish in jellied jars so I'm not sure what to do.

Thanks and Happy Passover!

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  1. Jarred gefilte fish is the Velveeta of gefilte fish. This may not be an option for you, but the frozen ones like Ungar's are markedly superior without a lot of work (basically you poach in water for about an hour). If your local store carries it then try it.

    Making your own is not especially hard either if you have a local fishmonger that can prepare the ground mixture. Again, depends on where you live.

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      Thanks for your response but this doesn't really help me. I need to know how to "fix" the problem, so to speak.

      Jarred is the only option for me. I haven't seen frozen GF anywhere (tho I'll look for it in the future) and since the Jewish population in my area isn't as great as NY (Brooklyn to be precise, where I grew up) and LA (where I lived after that), I'm kind of stuck with the local supermarkets. Making my own is not worth it to me, since I'm not likely to consume that much anyway. This is the first time in years (maybe ever) that I went thru a whole jar in 1 week, but since I had the bad experience previously, I made a concerted effort not to let it turn to mush before too long.

      I really miss my late, beloved Grandmother's GF. Hers was, without a doubt, the best. gefilte. fish. EVER. My mother didn't make it so I never learned how.

      Thanks again.

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        This won't help alwayshungrygal, but while most brands of jarred gefilte fish range from vile to blah, there exist brands that are quite edible, and at least one — Noam — that is actually good.

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          A yummy differant way to cook the Ungers type g fish loaves is to slice it up and put it on a grill pan and cook it that way ir slice it uo and bake it:) I often sprinkle some lemon pepper on top before baking or grilling.

        2. Noam is the best of the jarred. Manischewitz is probably wha tyou have available. I don't think there is solution to the problem. I've had the same issues when I bring it to work. I think, in the end, you should indeed order frozen gefilte (A&B, for example) directly from the company or if you can, make a trip once in a while to a nearby city that may have a kosher food source. There are supermarkets in larger cities that even carry the frozen loaves in their kosher frozen section. You may not think it's worth the bother, but if you actually have a grandmother memory, then I think it's worth the minor effort.

          1. Here's the A&B website with all the shipping and cost info and the states they serve. Pretty nice website. I definately think it's worth doing and then putting into the freezer.


            1. Thanks for all the responses. Manischewitz is what is available locally. Maybe Streits too, I don't recall at the moment. I haven't seen or heard of Noam but thanks for the rec. I do live near (and work in) a large city but it's a challenge (parking--and I must drive--is impossible everywhere).

              I have 2 full jars at the moment that I've turned upside down so maybe that will help for the time being. I'll be down in LA at the end of the month and there is a huge selection of kosher items in the markets near where my son lives. I'll look for the A&B frozen one and see what else I can find. I also can't find red horseradish where I live so I always bring some back, either from NY or LA.

              Thanks again for all the answers!