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Apr 1, 2013 12:00 PM

Best food in Charleston

Will be visiting U of Charleston area for week in June. Need ideas for bkfst,lunch, and dinner. Price not too concerning. Want grandaughter to see what is "out there" because, once she becomes a student in the fall,the budget will be tight. Ethnic and Area specialties are fine!

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  1. Plenty of good choices on all fronts...and plenty of recent chat on this board. Just plug "Charleston" into the search window above.

    My personal faves:
    1. F.I.G. (the best in town--reservations a must)
    2. Two Boroughs Larder
    3. Grocery
    4. MacIntosh
    5. McGrady's
    6. Gin Joint (cocktails and munchies)
    7. Bowen's Island Seafood Restaurant (oyster season only)
    8. Hominy Grill (breakfast and/or lunch)
    9. Jestine's Kitchen
    10. Glazed (awesome donuts)
    11. Glass Onion
    12. Al Di La (Italian)
    13. Poe's Tavern (burgers and tacos--very casual)

    Major buzz on Mike Lata's The Ordinary, but I haven't been.

    1. There are around 190 sit down restaurants in the Historic District alone. Here are earlier post that could help you:

      There are many places that the college students frequent near the corner of King and Calhoun.

      If you can be a little more specific about your tastes, we can help you narrow it down. Jeff C.'s list is a really good one.

      1. One place that almost never gets mentioned is Trattoria Lucca. Ken Vedrinski is an amazing chef and a dinner there is as good or better then you would get in any other Charleston restaurant.

        1. Don't take this wrong,but is this about you or her?Help her discover places that are fun,practicle,that she'll go back too.Our daughter dug these places (in no particular order),Taco Boy,five loaves,fast and french,glazed,chucktown tavern,bull street gourmet,daily dose,mama kim's,mustard seed,butcher and bee,caviar and bananas,king street grill.

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          1. re: mollybelle

            Butcher & Bee: Yes! (Forgot that one.)

            Taco Boy (Folly Beach) is fun for drinks and munchies, but the food is nothing special, IMO.

            1. re: Jeff C.

              Jeff, B&B is so great.

              There's a Taco Boy at Huger and East Bay/Morrison. It's fun but lots of drankin'. Granddaughter might want to wait til she gets here for school and go with her friends :D