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Apr 1, 2013 11:54 AM

Craft Ale House in Limerick

For us that live in the 'burbs, how many here have been to Craft Ale House in Limerick? We live about 10 minutes away and love the place. Great craft beer selection and awesome menu. Not the cheapest place around but really, really decent. I grew up in the area and it's hard to believe that this place was once a podunk little deli. When I hear people complain about the small size and sometimes 45 min wait for a table, I remind them of this fact!

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  1. We frequently drove up from Delaware to go there. When we temporarily lived in Spring City for a year, we were there with all too much frequency (along with Railroad Street for a change of atmosphere.) We always enjoyed the food and beer selection. Although when crowded you couldn't always hang out unless pressed into the smallish bar area. We tended to go mid-afternoons so we wouldn't feel rushed.

    1. CAH is my go to place. Great beer and food in one location is such a rarity these days. Entrees do run on the high side, but the pub fare is quit reaonable. The roast pork sandwich with fries or salad for $8 is very good and a good value