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Apr 1, 2013 11:48 AM

family trip down to Palm Beach

My husband, son (21) and I will be driving down to Palm Beach the first of May for 5 days and then heading up to Orlando for 2 days before traveling back home to Virginia. We are looking for some restaurants no more then 45 minutes away that we could try. We will be on a budget so we can't spend $30 a head for each meal, but a nice dinner or two is planned. Over all I'd like to keep meals to no more then $15 to $18 for the entrees. We will also be looking for some night life. As for types of food I'm not big on Italian or Mexican but will try one if it is good since both my husband and son like it. I'm a country girl and I like southern food. I do have a soft spot for unusual sandwiches/burgers. We definitely need a couple good seafood places. My husband and son will eat any kind of food so I'm open to trying pretty much anything. One last request, some places that have healthy eating is a must as my husbands cholesterol will be over the top after eating out for 7 days. We will have our car and bikes for travel. Any advise on things to do in the area would be great too. We are big outdoor people. We plan to visit the Henry Morrison Flagler museum as we are staying in that area. Thanks in advance for your help.

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    1. Gulfstream Park Beach in Boynton is a great place to spend the day and enjoy the biking trail on A1A. They have outdoor showers, grills, and a lifeguard on duty. The best part about it is the drive getting there--it's tucked away among all of the beautiful beachfront mansions.

      Publix is the big grocery store, so stop on the way, get a bag of charcoal, and have a little BBQ picnic!

      If you want a more populated beach, try Delray Beach. They have street parking and plenty of restaurants right on A1A or Atlantic Blvd. City Oyster is great for seafood.

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        That's a great idea for the park. I will check out City Oyster too.

      2. In early May, you may be in town for SunFest in W. Palm Beach, a huge music event. You'll have to goggle the website. For Burgers, try Duffy's. They're a local chain, but they have the best burgers in town and also have a heart healthy menu. My favorite beaches are in Jupiter. Also, a terrific outdoor restaurant in Jupiter is Guanabana's. They specialize in seafood. Right around the corner from there is The Square Grouper, an outdoor bar with music and entertainment. Staying closer to Palm Beach, there are many excellent restaurants. Good Mexican at Rocco's Tacos. Check out City Place in WPB as they often have great entertainment. Wishing you safe travels!