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Apr 1, 2013 11:32 AM

Cold Brew Coffee - Peninsula & South Bay

I'm looking for places to find cold brewed coffee in the South Bay or Peninsula (particularly San Mateo). It's relatively sparse here, although San Francisco seems to have dozens of places that serve it.

So far, I know of:

Clear Optometry (San Mateo...they serve New Orleans Iced Coffee--but I'm looking more for a plain cup of cold brew)
Canyon (RWC)
Back Yard (RWC)
It's a Grind (Burlingame)
ZombieRunner (Palo Alto)
Fraiche (Palo Alto)

South Bay:
B2/Bellano Coffee (SJ)
Barefoot (SJ/LG)
Roy's Station (SJ)
Cafe Legato (SJ)
Chromatic (SC)
Fresh Grind-formerly It's a Grind (SJ/Cupertino)
Great Bear (Los Gatos)
Coffee & More (Sunnyvale)

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