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romantic dinner in Baltimore

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My husband and I are going to the Everyman theater for a matinee performance on Saturday. I want to go to dinner afterwards, somehwere with great food and a romantic atmosphere where we can talk. I have a reservation at Cinghiale which I hear is great, but not necessarily worth the price. We like all types of food. I have also been thinking about the Market, the corner byob, and fork and wrench. I know these are all trendy and I don't necessarily need that. Am I overlooking some great places?

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  1. Cinghiale is great and worth the price, IMHO. Sit on the osteria side, ask for a banquette with a view of the water and enjoy. Even if you disagree, you will have a beautiful romantic dinner.

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      We were psyched up for Cinghiale for my birthday last August. Wanted to go to Charleston but it was a Sunday. Some parts were quite lovely but I wasn't blown away. I don't know if I would bill it as romantic by any means however.

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        I am sticking with Cingular. Thanks for the advice about where to sit.

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          I meant Cinghiale

        2. Woodberry's Kitchen was great.

          1. What about the Olive Room? Delicious yet reasonably priced greek food, and lovely atmosphere. I also love Mezze, which is also so delicious and affordable (but ask to be in the main upstairs dining room, which has the atmosphere you're looking for). Have fun!!!

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              Is the Olive Room still open? The hotel that housed it was recently in foreclosure.

            2. I would stick with the Cinghale idea - I love it. We've found it can be a great value considering the quality.

              1. Cinghiale was great. I had the best mushroom soup of my life, fried sand eels with homemade mayonnaise, and excellent tortellini. And after all of that I was too full for an entree so I got another app of fish with citrus.

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                  Thanks for letting us know how it went. Glad to hear you guys had a great meal.