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Apr 1, 2013 10:48 AM

Old Saybrook, CT and vincinity

Hi, husband and I are getting away overnight to Saybrook Point Inn and Spa at the end of April on a Friday night- looking for restaurant recommendations. My husband strictly enjoys Italian and American foods so I can never been too adventurous - he will eat at a seafood restaurant if they have chicken, pasta or beef. I looked at the Fresh Salt menu at the hotel and I know he won't be too interested - we get free breakfast check out morning so we will try it then.

Any suggestions would be appreciated - also any nice food markets or grocery stores and cupcake places worth going to by any chance? We are in the Mystic area at least once a year but we have never been to Old Saybrook....We will probably try to eat locally somewhere and then head to Mohegan Sun later in the evening.

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  1. For Italian: cant go wrong with either Luigi's or Alforno's - not fine Italian - but both have some basic, solid menu items....dress is casual for both spots - there is another Italian place that recently changed hands - so can't recommend one way or the other as I have not been there since new owners came in a month or so ago

    LIV's Oyster on Main St is solid, if a little pricey.

    If the weather is nice - try Back Porch for drinks on the porch overlooking marina and is one of those spots you can get a full american menu - fish, steak, chicken - we usually go for drinks and appy's

    Aspen is also solid but a little pricey

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      Thanks for all the suggestions - we ended up at Luigi's because I asked the man at the front desk at Saybrook Point Inn where he would go. We both really liked it - down home old fashioned place. The pizza looked really good and I heard everyone around us ordering it "extra thin" - I had angel hair with garlic and oil and a side of meatballs and my husband had chicken parm.

      Saybrook Point Inn was pretty but I don't need to go back. We had gotten a travelzoo deal for $189 + breakfast. The room was pretty and clean but it did not have any of the nice touches that other inns have that we have stayed in. Our room also had a bad smell that I could not tolerate. I should have complained but I didn't. Not sure if it was the cleaning or room spray that they used or a moldy smell but I dreaded every time we walked back in there.

      On the positive side, our breakfast was delicious - french toast and waffles at Fresh Salt - and the fact that it was free was even better.

      I wouldn't pay the $259+ that they ask for normally - those rates and not even giving a couple of free bottles of water is pretty bad if you ask me.

      My fave inn so far to stay is Inn at Harbor Hill in Niantic - they have pricey rooms - we stayed in the newer building - but they are beautiful, they have cookies and snack, water and a lovely breakfast in the morning. Can't wait to go back!

      We stopped at Pasta Vita on the way home and I was impressed- I picked some ravioli up for our child and dog babysitters and we got some focaccia pizza that was delicious. The chicken parm stromboli we got looked better than it tasted - bland but I would like to go back there and bring home other things.

    2. You both might enjoy dinner at If you're headed to a place with cooking facilities try for some prepared meals.

      1. I agree with the recommendations by others, especially Liv's, Aspen and Al Forno. If you back track west 4 miles to Westbrook, Cafe Routier is quite good. Their menu generally has 3-4 sections with different cuisines, and you can mix and match if you like. If you are still around on Sunday, the brunch at Water's Edge (Westbrook again) is exceptional.

        1. Saybrook PT Inn's Fresh Salt is good. Routier in Westbrook is also solid. A bit up the road but doable is Chester where you'll find both River Tavern and Six Main where you can't go wrong.

          Dagmar's Desserts in Old Saybrook and the cupcake place downstairs in The Local Beet in Chester will take care of those cravings.

          Google Ashlawn Coffee in Lyme. Coffee on the farm with the regulars is a hoot. Have fun.

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            I would also add L&E to the Chester list. It's in the old du Village space....small, a little noisy but very solid food.

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