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Apr 1, 2013 09:28 AM

Studio City - Omakase Tips

Thinking about doing omakase at Kiwami for the upcoming anniversary dinner but I haven't done it before.

Not looking to drop a fortune, but I'm thinking it'll end up costing at least $70-100/person, plus drinks, tips, etc. Does that sound about right? Do you get a substantial amount of sushi for that price? Do you tell them how much you want to spend up front or do they just give you more and more sushi until you stop them?

Any other suggestions for better or cheaper omakase in the Studio City area?

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  1. Yes, you can tell them to stop when you want.

    Kazu does a great omakase for $75 to $100 which will include about 12 pieces of sushi, if I'm not mistaken including two pieces of toro and a two pieces of a type of snapper. And it's all sushi, so no cooked dishes to fill up on as per the sushi chef there if my memory does not escape me.

    At Kiwami, there may be cooked dishes included in the omakase unless you specify otherwise. So you might want to mention that you just want sushi as part of your omakase if that is the way you want to roll.

    1. Is Asanebo a better choice? Their site shows omakase starting at $60 for 10 pieces and $80 for 15. Are those filling enough or would I have to go with Course A, B or C?

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        Well, Asanebo is different because it's more of a sashimi and japanese small plates omakase rather than serving sushi piece by piece. But having said that, there sushi should be good too though not as good as the heavy hitters.

        I would go with Kazu which was pretty good.

        But others may say Asanebo, if you want more a hearty scene than Asanebo would work better as Kazu is very good in my opinion but its somewhat's empty (the last time I went it was pretty late in the evening, close to 9pm or so).

      2. if doing kiwami, ask for the back room chef's bar. it's a bit more expensive though. about $125 i believe. at least it was the last time i was there.

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          And when you do, make sure that Katsu himself will be there. He is only there from time to time, not every night.