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Apr 1, 2013 08:57 AM

2013 Greenway food trucks

I saw the list for the 2013 food trucks.


I see that Del's will be at Hanover 3 days a week. I am somewhat addicted to Del's. This is too convenient for me.

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  1. Not listed here, but in the same vein, just ate at the Capt. Marsden food truck, and got the combo platter (parked at city hall) and it was pretty great. Fried scallops and calamari, with good fries and great coleslaw, lemon wedge and tartar sauce to round it out. For $10 bucks, I thought it was a great value

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    1. re: devilham

      is that Capt. Marden's, as in the Wellsley outpost? If so, I'm psyched for their fresh fish!

      1. re: Science Chick

        it's definately affiliated with the fishmonger of the same name if that's what you mean...and it was very fresh, and they were very prideful of their product (I like to see that). As I said the slaw was top notch, the fries were hand cut, nicely seasoned and well cooked (as in competantly), and the seafood was perfect, nice crunchy coating that wasn't too thick, tender calamari and sweet scallops. Just a nice plate of seafood that seemed a great value at $10 (and I made sure the counter folk and cook knew that I loved it to!)

        1. re: devilham

          Where is that truck located on the Greenway?

          1. re: catsmeow

            Not on the greenway (as I mentioned at first), but in Gvt. Center, today at least

    2. I got some Momogoose chicken pho at lunch (it was free to the first 100 customers) and noticed "The Shuckin' Truck" where Congress Street runs into the Greenway. They had some nice looking options, including lobster and fried scallop rolls. I'm not sure about oysters out of a hot truck in the dead of summer, but may give it a shot before it gets warmer out.

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      1. re: nsenada

        I hit Shuckin' today for lunch, and had the Fish Bomb, which was griddled "scrodish" fish on a bu, topped with pickled hots and veggies. Not bad, the fish was fresh but not all that flavorful. Could have used a sauce of some kind to liven it up. $8.

        1. re: Ruprecht

          Had to go back today to try the fish tacos (was meaning to try Chubby Chickpeas. but they were AWOL.). Essentially, these were exactly the same as the Fish Bomb, with the bun swapped our for a tortilla. The single chunk of fish in each was too big to be wrapped completely, needed some slicing. Reasonably tasty, but not something that most people would consider a faithful rendition of a fish taco, and overpriced at $7 for 1 or $11 for two. I may return to this place occasionally because it's sort of the only place in town, but lukewarm about it on the whole.

        2. re: nsenada

          Boston does not allow raw bar service out of trucks at this time. Shuckin' truck is working on it.

        3. Hm, a nice cup of Del's would certainly be a good addition to lounging under the arcade there...

          1. I just hit the Chicken & Rice Guys truck for the first time in the chinatown park. Ordered the combo platter that came with chicken, lamb gyro, rice, lettuce and pita. Good amount of food for $6. I did not love the chicken, but everything else was really good. I'd just get the lamb next time. I did love all the condiments they have available (2 hot sauces, a mayo-like sauce, and bbq). The hotter of the 2 hot sauces was indeed quite hot.

            1. I just went to the Shuckin Truck for the first time. Got 2 fish tacos for $11 that were quite tasty. I believe it was grilled haddock on a grilled tortilla with some hot peppers, lettuce and cherry tomatoes. I will definitely be back next week to try out some other options. The scallop roll looked fantastic.