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Apr 1, 2013 08:50 AM

Costco Food Finds - 2nd Quarter 2013 [OLD]

I thought I would start this one with our new find. Olio Nuovo, new crop olive oil from California's Nov. 2012 harvest. We liked it even more than the Tuscan. Great grassy flavor and creamy mouth feel but with less bite in the finish than the Tuscan. It's also only $7.99 a liter.

This was at the Seattle store.

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  1. If only I could find peanut oil! I'll have to look again when I go this week.

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    1. re: rasputina

      I saw it last week in MA and NH.

      1. re: treb

        Sure enough there is peanut oil at the Waltham MA Costco, but only in truly industrial quantities, One unit (packed in a cardboard carton) is several times the size of, say, one of the jugs of Canola oil.

        1. re: PinchOfSalt

          Peanut oil is commonly used for deep frying so they provide it in fryer quantities.

    2. At the Shoreline store they have the plastic packed boneless short ribs that used to be carried only at the Business Center or available by business delivery. The price on these is great though you do need to remove membrane and slice them yourself. But at $4.49 a pound [I've seen them for $3.99, too.] it's worth it.

      Strange that all the meat is cheaper at Shoreline than it is at Seattle.

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      1. re: knowspicker

        You are getting a bargain even in Seattle compared with what those boneless short ribs are going for at the Waltham MA Costco. I was there today. Yes, they were sliced - but the price was $6.49/lb if memory serves.

      2. A product called, Blaze Glaze. It was being demonstrated as a drizzle on top of shards of parm cheese so it caught my attention.

        So far I've used this rich balsamic glaze on stir fry, steamed bok choy, as a dip for spring rolls and on grilled pineapple.

        The 12.9 fl. oz. bottle ran me $6.95.

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        1. re: HillJ

          That's a fantastic price for a good balsamic glaze! Thanks for the tip.

          1. re: HillJ

            Where in the store did you find the Blaze Glaze? I've looked for it, but it isn't anywhere near the big bottles of Kirkland balsamic vinegar, at least not in my Orlando Costco.

            1. re: Big Bad Voodoo Lou

              They had it in Westbury, NY last week, near the olives, pickles and such, I believe. It was a very small stack, though - easy to miss.

              1. re: biondanonima

                I went last night, and not only did they not have Blaze, they told me they had never heard of it and were kind of rude about it. Maybe it's a regional product?

                1. re: Big Bad Voodoo Lou

                  Sorry, I'm just seeing your question from the other day. I learned too that Blaze Glaze hasn't been on the Costco shelf. At the time I sampled it and bought a bottle it didn't occur to me that Costco wouldn't carry it. Maybe it didn't test well. I love the stuff. Making your own balsamic glaze from scratch takes a boat load of vinegar.

                  I'd visit the company site to find a location near you that sells it. The stuff has been enhancing my food and grilled foods for some time.

                  1. re: HillJ

                    TJs sells a balsamic glaze that is excellent on fresh mozzarella and all manners of fruit and vanilla ice cream. It is very reasonably priced, too.

                    1. re: ohmyyum

                      We're not getting our first TJ's until winter at earliest, but it can't open soon enough.

                      1. re: ohmyyum

                        I think I noticed the TJ's version on my last trip...very quickly didn't stop to read the label of ingredients.

                        When I sampled the Blaze Glaze at Costco the demonstrator was offering it drizzled over shards of aged parm. I liked it immediately..although the cheese was so so.
                        I've since bought the glaze at Wegman's for .50 more.

                        Excellent product.

                        Have you tried the TJ's brand ohmyyum?

                        1. re: HillJ

                          Yes, I have. In fact, I just drizzled it over some grilled peaches-- delicious!

                          Ingredients: concentrated grape must, balsamic vinegar of Modena- aceto di Modena IGP 20% (wine vinegar, concentrated grape must, coloring: caramel), modified starch.

                          Nothing in that ingredient list raises any alarms for me. The texture is thick and syrupy; the flavor is tangy and quite sweet. I've never tried the blaze glaze but I enjoy this product enough that I haven't really looked, either.

                          I don't remember how much it is at TJs but I think it was in the $3 range for an 8.5oz bottle. Certainly less expensive than the brands I've seen at Whole Foods, Fresh Market, and Harris Teeter.

                      2. re: HillJ

                        This stuff was on the shelf around 2 years ago, then discontinued, then brought back as I've bought some within the past 6 months, and it is on its way out. It appears to be a seasonal item.

                        1. re: LuckyCharm

                          I could swear I saw this on the shelf at the Brick, NJ Costco a couple weeks ago. However I am old and my mind is going so please call first.

              2. Has anyone on the east coast found the tomatoes in glass jars?

                1. Whoops! Posted on the wrong thread. Seattle Costco, 1 kg fresh asparagus $2.99 ($3.99 with a $1 instant rebate, no limit).

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                  1. re: Jeri L

                    I got this too, at the Lone Tree, CO store. Very good thick asparagus too, and lasted over a week.