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Apr 1, 2013 08:02 AM

Late Night Eats before flight...


I'll be in your great city from Wednesday-Friday this week, and the boards have been very helpful in helping me craft the few meals I have free, with August and Stella! in the works, and a few of the good ol' standbys

That being said, I have a 5am flight on Saturday morning - and expect to be out already on Friday until 12-1am easy with some colleagues. I initially intended on getting a hotel but thought maybe $300 would be better spent elsewhere, especially since I am leaving for airport around 3am the next morning.

So, my question is this - is there a place with good food, cocktails/wine list, etc - where I can snack at bar until 2:30-3am until I have to leave for flight? I am staying at the JW Marriott in FQ I believe and will likely want to be in the general area, though worst case, I can always take a cab.

Gastropub type food and atmosphere would be great, but really just focused on good food and drink


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  1. Some places I go at that hour:

    - Clover Grill (burgers & tots)
    - Buffa's (anything really)
    - Avenue Pub (beer & dumptruck fries)
    - St. Charles Tavern (the boudin balls)

    and sometimes Mimi's in the Marigny or 13 (on Frenchmen, for the tater tachos). Don't misunderstand, none of these are first (or second) tier food destinations -- but they are open 24/7 (except for Mimi's ... I don't know their official hours but they're usually open late on weekends).

    On a side note ... I'd strongly recommend taking a cab (call United) after midnight, especially if you've had a few.