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Apr 1, 2013 07:48 AM

Dinner ideas in Buckhead?

Will be staying at Ritz Carlton Buckhead over next weekend. I was looking for suggestions for dinner/lunch relatively close to the hotel. Very open as far as type of cuisine and price. Our family are considered "foodies" , enjoy quality innovative food but again are open to suggestions?

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  1. Bistro Niko is very good,and nearby.Capital grill--also BuckheadDiner--very high end diner!!also Prime and Twist are very good as well--The ritz has a realy nice afternoon tea,and a very good sunday brunch

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      Agree w/ Bistro Niko. You can walk there from the Ritz. We stay at that Ritz about twice a year. You can walk across the street to the mall, and there is a fantastic Italian restaurant called "Davio's". Wonderful food.

      A great steak house just down the street is Chops Lobster Bar.

      I would not eat at The Palm. Just not as good as Chops.

      Also, the Ritz has a "chauffeur", just ask the concierge about him. They can take you to most any restaurant within 5-10 miles. They'll pick you up as well. We usually tip him about $5 each way.

      Another great seafood restaurant is Atlanta Fish Market.

      If you want Greek, go to Kyma.

      All of these are fabulous restaurants.

    2. I really like McKinnon's Louisiane
      The food is good and moderately priced. Importantly for me is that it's a quiet place, where conversation is easy.

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        1. Try Seven Lamps, in the Shops around Lenox...interesting small plates, house made pasta and a nice cocktail program. Other nearby spots worth looking into are Bistro Nikko (South on Peachtree roughly 2 blocks), Tomo (high end sushi) and F&B (french) - both are a block north on Peachtree in the Ritz Carlton residences.