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Apr 1, 2013 07:28 AM

Ham leftover recipes please?

Got some great ham leftovers today. Does anyone have some good ham recipes for a casserole of some of kind, without that cream of mushroom soup. Thanks.

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  1. frittata, pea soup, ham salad, ham and eggs, thrown into mac and cheese, ham and baked beans. don't forget the hot sauce.

    1. Not a casserole, but just as easy...We usually make a big pot of ham, green beans, and potatoes with any ham leftovers. Husband's family eats it with ranch dressing on top, I eat it with either mustard and/or apple cider vinegar.

      1. Add it to scalloped potatoes.

        1. What Lizard said.

          And if you didn't have potatoes yesterday, or even if you did but aren't tired of them, ham/potatoes/and green beans is a comfy dish. More a casserole with a little broth; soup with lots more. Saute chopped onion to start, add ham and potatoes, green beans at the end.

          Or faux scalloped potatoes with boiled potatoes sliced or in chunks, nice bite sized pieces of ham, lots of white sauce (make it soupy because the potatoes soak it up).

          Neither of these freezes well. The potatoes get soggy and mealy.

          1. I've had this one saved awhile I haven't tried it but I think someone else here did and said it was good. Not a casserole, but a skillet meal so just as convenient.