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Apr 1, 2013 07:14 AM

Bigsby the Bakehouse-Fabulous Bread!

Cycled up to Arbutus Ridge/McKenzie Heights on the weekend following rumours of huge delicious loaves of bread and found a motherlode-Bigsby has some outstanding products!

The large white loaf I bought was still warm from the oven and proved to be the best bread I've eaten this year just scrumptious.

Classic bakery/cafe setup with great service-it's kind of a shame it's in such an obscure location @ 33rd & MacKenzie-if you're at all motivated it's well worth checking out.

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  1. Great tip, Sam !

    Looking at their website, Earl Morris look very familiar but I couldn't put a finger on it, until I read the article and it turns out he was the owner of Red Onion (and doesn't look stressed as he did while at the RO). Good for them, I wish them all the success.

    Maybe eventually they'll add burgers to their menu ;-)

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    1. re: LotusRapper

      Yeah, nice intel, Sam. I'm glad to hear another bakery went in where the Tinker's Hatch used to be. I still miss their Eccles cakes. And it's only a few moments drive past La Buca...

    2. Did they set up in the old Tinker's Hatch space?
      NM - see greyelf answered that already. Nice. Agree about the Eccles cakes - they were a fave snack when I worked nearby a couple of decades ago.

      1. ...just looked at some product pix on their facebook - and wow - i'd sure like to try that poppyseed lemon cake - with thinly sliced meyer lemon IN the cake - did your bike ride have room for that SSalmon? (trouble is - i don't have my partner's hollow legs from biking - the cals stick to me)

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        1. re: Georgia Strait

          I didn't pick up any desert @ Bigsby at all-a mistake as it happens.

          I headed across the intersection to Butter which sadly seems to have jumped the shark-the goods are good but selection quite limited.

          1. re: Sam Salmon

            Finally made it to Bigsby's after a failed attempt (they aren't open Mondays). I admit I was disappointed. The country loaf which I got when I asked for a soft white loaf for sandwich making had a fairly strong sourdough taste and was quite wet and stodgy inside with a lot of large airholes through which my chicken salad fell. Seems like a baking issue though I'm no expert. The three pastries I tried (with help!) were decent but rather greasy -- cheese scone, sausage roll and blueberry "pop tart," the latter of which was the most successful. Service was also strangely confused, with three different people waiting on me. I'm not sure I'd rush back, even though I'm relatively close by. Hoping I just caught them on a bad day...

            1. re: grayelf

              I got a baguette by them at The Fish Counter on Main St. Impressive crust with some cracks in it but flavour was just ok. I wanted a deeper, yeastier flavour. Didn't like the ratio of crust-to-crumb.