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Apr 1, 2013 07:14 AM

Low key Birthday Dinner

I'm a newish dad and my face places have recently closed (Savoy, Little Giant) so I am totally out of touch. Looking for a low key, moderately priced place to have a birthday dinner w/the Mrs. Preferably downtown ( we live in UWS and MUST get out). Open to any and all suggestions but not limited to this fair isle.

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  1. Blue Ribbon Bakery
    Le Philosophe
    The Marrow
    Marc Forgione

    1. All the above are good, though "low key" isn't the first phrase that comes to mind for ACME. Marc Forgione is fantastic but a litte pricier than Savoy or LG, as is Hearth. Both great places - I find Forgione a little more creative / fun, personally.

      Off the isle, check out Convivium Osteria in Park Slope - homey, a little romantic (especially if you get a table in the wine cellar), great hearty Portuguese/Italian cuisine. In the same neighborhood Rosewater is always nice for New American eats. Up in Williamsburg, maybe Dumont, Dressler, or Gwynnet Street?

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        I second Convivium Osteria, its pretty much under the radar and fantastic.
        Since the OP didn't specify any particular type of food, I will recommend Lavagna, Pepolino , Da Andrea( both Italian)
        Louro ( not sure if that is low key and moderately priced)
        Greenwich Grill
        Blau Gans