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Apr 1, 2013 06:35 AM

Prep ahead sweet potatoes

I've read either soaking them in water with lemon juice or tossing them in a pan and sautéing with butter works. I'm wondering if anyone has any actual experience with either.
The will eventually go in the slow cooker with pineapple juice and apple sauce to make candied sweet potatoes, so they will be in large chunks.

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  1. How far in advance do you want to prep them?

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    1. re: sarinaL

      6-8 hrs. I want to prep them in the morning before work. They won't go into the slow cooker until 2pm or so

      1. re: DebinD

        Then I would just peel them and put them in the fridge covered in water. No lemon necessary if you don't have any.

        1. re: sarinaL

          I have lemons - but I'm not sure what that does to the taste or texture. Thanks.