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Apr 1, 2013 05:42 AM

Two Nights on Jekyll Island....April

Will arrive here after long drive from southern Florida. We have two nights on Jekyll, which will mean two breakfasts and two dinners. One dinner should be, I think, at Southern Soul BBQ on St. Simons where we had a good meal on our drive south from NYC.

Looking for two breakfast is the breakfast at Jekyll Island Club? Prefer substance over style...

For second dinner, looking for well-sourced local fancy preparations, atmosphere not important. Prefer to stay on Jekyll but will travel for good food, even to Brunswick. Any places for simply prepared LOCAL seafood?
Other BBQ options?

Looking for food that sings of place. Price is not important, but looking for good value.

Many thanks.

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  1. We ate at Frederica House on St. Simons this past weekend. They had as good fried shrimp, oysters and scallops as I've ever eaten. The oysters in particular were plump and succulent.

    The main dining room at the Jekyll Island Club (or whatever the old hotel is) used to be good but we haven't been over there in years.

    1. We stay on Jekyll at least twice a year and once we get there, aren't really motivated to leave the island. So here's my two cents:
      The Club has great breakfast. Try to get a table in the round room with all the windows.
      Cafe Solterra (not sure of the spelling, it's at the Club) is good for coffee and breakfast treats, they share a kitchen with the dining room but its way more casual.
      A new owner took over the Jekyll store and I've heard they have good breakfast biscuits but I haven't tried them yet.

      All places on the island serve local seafood. The Raw Bar on the pier is a place we go to at least 3 or 4 times each visit. Limited menu, great peel and eat shrimp (super fresh), potatoes and sausage. Never had the BBQ sandwich but I know they have one. Fun place to be when it's warm and they have a band.
      Latitudes, the sit down restaurant, is another place we go to a lot. Good fried seafood and some more innovative dishes, fried green tomato pasta (which they'll add shrimp to if you ask) etc.
      I've only eaten at Fins twice and it was good, not outstanding, but good- had a nice red beans and rice dish with fish the last time.
      Driftwood cafe also has some interesting things, kind of a weird atmosphere tho.
      Sea jays has low country boil and sandwiches; I've never truly liked the food there, but others that I go with seem to.
      You could go off the island but since you're there for such a short time, I wouldn't. I'd stick with Latitudes or the Raw bar.

      1. For the best local fried shrimp B&Js in Darien is worth the drive, No atmosphere block building the shrimp dinner is over a pound the basket is for smaller appetites, If I want shrimp I drive from St Simons to Darien. If you are in Brunswick at lunch time Indigo is a great choice. Southern Soul is a great choice.

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        1. re: beteez

          B&Js sounds like the kind of place we would be looking for.
          But it does seem a fair drive from Jekyll..any more ideas closer to the island, or between the Florida border and Jekyll, not too far off I-95? (Maybe we should stop for a late lunch before arriving on Jekyll (??) Do these places stay open all afternoon, or open very early for dinner on a weeknight?

          Thanks to all..keep the ideas coming, please!!

          Speeds' Kitchen????

          1. re: erica

            From Jekyll it is slightly further than Frederica House, Speeds is 20-30 minutes further than B&Js & recently the quality has gone down. Coming up 95 from Florida there is not much right off of the interstate.

        2. Indigo coastal shanty in Brunswick, ga is terrific. Small casual place with inexpensive dinners.