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Mar 31, 2013 11:44 PM

Milos Restaurant

Has anyone been recently? I know it's very $$$$ - it it worth the price?

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  1. Estatorio Milos is absoluely one of my favorite restaurants in all of NYC. I am a huge foodie and dine out frequently and although Greek food in general is not disguised with lots of flavor changing spices it simply is great healthy eating and so delicious. Milos is pricey but I gladly would pay for great service and quality one always finds at Milos. I always like to start my evening there w a cocktail at the intimate bar chatting with the lovely Polish gal who is so sweet. Top picks for food for me include the fried zuchini (a must have!!!) , grilled octopus and the grilled whole medditeranean sea bass.If I had won the lotto-I would dine here every night!

    1. I love Milos, but I save it for expense acct meals, it is very expensive, and, for me, not worth the price. Some people like Avra as a slightly cheaper substitute. I love Greek, and my go to is Pylos, but its really not comparable to Milos. If you want the fine dining experience, and have the means to pay for it, Milos is worth going to at least once.

      1. In that general area, if I want Greek, I'd rather go to Yefsi me thinks.

        Cheaper, better more inventive food.

        My previous review of Yefsi.

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            Even more reason to go to Yefsi then, no?

        1. I haven't done it in NY but the Octopus in the Las Vegas location was one of the best I've had

          1. I think the food is decent but the prices are too high. I believe Milos has the same owner of Thalassos in Tribeca, another major rip off.

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              I've had business lunches at Milos (not my pick), and find the food to be "adequate" at best and overpriced.

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                You mean Thalassa. It is not related to Estiatorio Milos. Milos is a multi location restaurant with restaurants in NEW YORK, ATHENS, LAS VEGAS, MIAMI.

                I like it for fresh, simply prepared fish. It offers delicious, bright seafood with good quality ingredients. Not creative at all - but the quality of the seafood shines through. I find it very expensive. I love their octopus, as do other posters.

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                  Thanks , yes I meant Thalassa. I read an old NYT review (2005)that confirms what you say about no relationship between Milos and Thalassa as far as ownership. They did say that the the chef back then worked at both places. I will check my sources again , however, just to make sure I heard it right, when i was introduced to the owner of Thalassa.

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                    " Thalassa in TriBeCa is not related to Milos in midtown, or to Trata on the Upper East Side, but it might as well be. Its chef, Gregory Zapantis, cooked at both of those restaurants before opening Thalassa in a onetime warehouse for Greek foods on Franklin Street late in 2002."

                    Good memory!