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Mar 31, 2013 08:45 PM

Any idea what brand CI this is?

I recently found this cast iron skillet at the Goodwill. Any idea what brand it might be?

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  1. There was a period in which any decent foundry could make CI skillets, and sell them as generic, no name, items in hardware and department stores. The numbers are standardized sizes.

    1. Check out this site:

      Also, the folks who collect Griswold and Wagner have a wealth of info on old cast iron.

      PaulJ is right...there used to be a lot of small foundries casting skillets. There was also a lot of cast iron made by bigger foundries like Lodge, Wapak, Griswold and Wagner that is was product that was marketed by department stores and the like. Suffice to say, lots of old cast iron is hard to trace. This doesn't help if you are a collector. If the condition of the pan is decent, it should cook just fine, and makes a lovely conversation piece if nothing else. Some of those pans have a lovely unique appearance and are worth hanging onto.

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        I'm a huge CI fan. I wouldn't say "collector" but I do own too many pieces.

        I buy them at thrift shops, clean/reseason then,well, as my husband says "cant adopt them out!

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          I saw your post about having found an I. Droege cast iron tea kettle / humidifier.
          I'd love to talk a bit more with you about it.
          Thank you in advance
          Sincerely Tom
          tom at mapdata dot com

      2. That is a Lodge. You can tell by the letters SK.

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