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Mar 31, 2013 07:36 PM

Indian Flavors in Westland [DTW]

Since the restaurant named Indian Flavors was mentioned in a couple other threads, I figured I'd start one of its own. Went there today for their advance-order Surati Undhiyu vegetarian curry, containing "a variety of vegetables such as vaalor-paapdi, small brinjals, banana, yam, sweet potato and muthias, and cooked with freshly grated coconut, ginger and garlic." I don't know how it is supposed to taste, but it was one of those executions where one sensed it was the essense of what the (great) dish is SUPPOSED to be. Also, the bread was subtly excellent in flavor.

Wonderful and healthy. Not intense like Zayeqa, but impossible to dislike. I'd eat this twice a month if I lived nearby. The menu was confusing, as I couldn't tell what was and was not included with the meal, so I ended up accepting a bunch of upcharges I'd prefer not to have had. Still, I'm very pleased with this dish. Among the all time top three Indian dishes I've enjoyed in Michigan (for what that's worth...I've not actually been to India).

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  1. Married-couple friends (wife Indian, husband American) had them cater their wedding and say it's the best. Must try.

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      Please do. The breads are made with a gorgeuos tasting grain. That being said, this is a very carb-centric place. So, if potatoes and noodles wrapped with bread sounds horrifying to you, then you may have to tip-toe around the menu.

      By the way, my (advance order) Surati Unhiyu was not broth-y. It was more like a hash. The fresh grated sweet coconut and the winter root vegetables and plantain or whatever were very interesting and tasty, while also not leaving me smelling like a curry house and aching in the tummy.

      The owner does have a few idiosyncracies. For instance, he practically forbade me from selecting dishes that didn't pair well or from ordering too much, etc., etc.