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Best Grilled Octopus??

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Wife and I are planning on heading into the city for the Fleetwood Mac concert this upcoming Saturday 4/6. Looking to get dinner before the show (show is at 7:30 I believe). From what I have been told, Dmitri's is the place to go for grilled octopus. My question is which location and how hard is it gonna be to get into the restaurant around 4-5pm since they do not take reservations. Or is there a better place to go for this specific dish?

Thanks ahead of time

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  1. Estia has great octopus that is tenderized in a dedicated washing machine.

    1. I came in here to say Dmitri's. I think they don't open until 5, but if you get there when the doors open you should be seated right away.

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        Good to know. Is there a difference between location (which one is better) or if all locations are done the same (preparation/service). The cash/credit difference doesn't matter to us.

        I was also informed by a Greek friend to try Zorba's Tavern on Fairmount. Any idea if this place is any good?

        Thanks in advance.

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          Zorba's is pretty much so-so as far as the octopus goes. Not exactly a destination restaurant if you ask me but good if you are in Fairmount.

          I do know that Estia is open for lunch on Saturdays if it helps...

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            I've only been to the original Dmitri's, but I would assume all would prepare the octopus the same way.

        2. I am still a big fan of South St Souvlaki's octopus.

          1. I've heard some Rumours about good Octopus, but since this is really Over My Head,, I suggest that you Go Your Own Way. And if it's not good enough, Don't Stop Thinking About Tomorrow as you eat.

            1. Has anyone had the grilled octopus at Opa?

              1. Amada has better grilled octopus than Dmitri's, but not better prices, and OpenTable shows no availability Saturday night. I haven't tasted any differences in Dmitri's grilled octopus in two of their locations, so I'd consider which would be most accessible. I'd also consider Koo Zee Doo which has a nice octopus appetizer, which if memory serves, is grilled and served in a bright sauce (please feel free to correct me as it has been at least six months since I was last there).