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Mar 31, 2013 07:25 PM

MKE: Squeaky Cheese question

Being a newcomer here, I was delighted to see squeaky cheese in the grocery today!

Are there any places around Milwaukee that serve poutine ? Are there any other local dishes that incorporate squeaky cheese?

This might be a stretch but wondering if the popularity of cheese curds here has anything to do with early French-Canadian settlers to the state.

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  1. The Red Dot and A.J. Bombers serve or at least once served Poutine. It is not a dish that I seek out so hopefully someone else can provide other sources.

    1. I would sooner believe the popularity of cheese curds is because they are/were cheap and easily available.

      Breaded and deep-fried cheese curds are a bar-food staple.

      1. I have said before that I find it impossible to understand why poutine stands arent all over State Fair and every church festival in the city. It seems to be a dish that is MADE for Milwaukee!

        I have had the poutine at AJ Bombers and , good as their burgers are, did not enjoy it much.

        But I did have some excellent fried curds at the Blue Ribbon Pub at 114th [?] & Bluemound.

        1. Sorry, but the poutine disgusts me.
          Curds, Fried curds with batter, etc. I love,
          I have been to many Wisconsin county fairs that have things like horseradish sauce, seafood sauce, spicy asian sauce, chili sauce, etc. Gravy just does not interest me.

          A fried Cheddar curd with Spicy Chili sauce....Awesome.

          1. Squeaky cheese curds and cheese curds are 2 different things IMO. Squeaky is when they are FRESH that day, before refrigeration. Once they've been refrigerated, they're just not the same. Sure, you can resurrect them MAYBE the next day by nuking them on low power for a couple of seconds, but still, they're just not the same as when they are still warm and fresh.