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What does YOUR fridge say about you?

Really cool article here:

about the contents of refrigerators and how they "match" the owner.

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  1. What a great article, thanks!

    1. I like those. I remember the earlier "You Are What You Eat", or something similar.

      1. Mines full of fruit, veggies, and dessert. Guess that makes me a fat vegetarian.

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        1. Apparently that means that I emit heat and am covered in greenish blue hair.

          1. Oh heck!!!

            I'm a fuzzy green and blue alien!!! :-)

            1. Some of my fav photo assignments are lifestyle insights. Recently saw one on what foods kids keep hidden in their bedrooms-it was adorable and very surprising!

              What does my frig say:
              Her family is blessed and never hungry.
              She shops often. She shops everywhere.
              Her dogs are lucky boys.

              1. I'm dangerous and like to push the envelope. People are afraid to open the door because it's so overloaded (especially when I have company) that things tend to fall out!

                When it's just us, you can tell I have a fear of not having several choices for our next meal, like a restaurant menu would offer.

                1. "Good gosh, they sure like cheese. And condiments."

                  1. Interesting. Was that clothing I saw in the woman's frig in France? My frig goes thru phases - from completely stuffed to dear, God, what do you eat? empty. Freezer is almost always completely packed top to bottom.

                    1. He cooks too much and doesn't use his leftovers. Very, very bad man.