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Mar 31, 2013 06:13 PM

First Timer Please Critique


First time in New Orleans. My partner and I have bought a beat up camper and are coming down to New Orleans from Montreal via Kentucky, Tennessee and Mississippi.

We will be hitting meat and threes and other southern staples on the way down but we are guarding our wallets to cut loose in N.O!

The camper (its only 17 ft van) and I have no issues getting out and about for good food.

There are so many choices i am getting overwhelmed so i would really appreciate any assurances or recommendations.

So we will be in town for 5 nights and 4 full days.

For lunch i was thinking: Galatoires (Friday), Commanders Palace,Willie-Maes (or somewhere similar)and Atchafayla. I also heard Restaurant Augusts lunch special is quite good.

What do you think? Any other suggestions?

For dinner i was thinking; Cochon and Dantes Kitchen and then i kind of get stuck. What else would you recommend given that i have knocked of a few of the big boys for lunch? What a broad horrible question. Sorry. I just want to get a great varied experience of the best the city has to offer.

I still have to sort out time and stomach space for Po Boys, Oysters and Crawfish. Any favs for great oysters and crawfish? Just great seafood and cold beer or cocktails for pre dinners or at the rate i am going pre pre dinners.

Anywho! Thanks for reading i am really looking forward to coming to your great city. I am already looking at extending our stay!

Thanks again Chowhounders i love the community here.


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  1. -I would go to Herbasaint for either lunch or dinner in place of Cochon, and hit up Cochon Butcher for lunch (their version of a muffuletta is great and don't miss the pancetta mac and cheese. Good cocktails too.)
    -GW Fins- I've done full dinners, apps and drinks at the bar, and every combination in between and it's always a winner. If you like innovative fish/seafood preparations, don't miss it. Make sure you get the wood-smoked sizzling oysters.
    -I don't think you mentioned when you are visiting, but if it's NOT during June, July, or August when they are closed, make sure to stop for at least a dozen raw oysters at Casamento's (quintessential New Orleans oyster experience). Other great places for oysters are Luke and Bourbon House and both have great Happy Hour specials.
    -Bayona for dinner- incredible food. Another great New Orleans experience to see Susan Spicer making the rounds in the dining room. Get the sweetbreads.
    -go early before dinner for the best cocktails you've ever had at Arnaud's French 75 Bar. You can order from the restaurant menu too- soufflé potatoes and oysters en brochettes make great drinking snacks!
    -Sylvain right next to Jackson Square is great for lunch- have had 2 excellent meals there- great cocktails too.
    -If you find yourself needing a late-night burger fix, head to Port of Call for a cheeseburger, loaded baked potato, and monsoon drink. Perfect. Close to Frenchman Street clubs too.

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    1. re: Bdav1818

      Hi Bdav

      Thanks so much for responding.

      I thought Chicago was a hard food town to plan for but New Orleans takes the cake.

      So taking into account your suggestions i have the following:

      Lunch; Cochon Butcher, Galatoires, Commanders Palace, Atchafalya and August (maybe my lunches are a bit intense).

      Dinner: Herbsainte, GW Fin, Dantes and Bayona

      Cocktails: Arnauds French 75. Any other bar suggestions? I like neighborhood joints. I think we will be more Frenchman then Bourban street people for nightlife.

      Oyster/Seafood snacks: Casementos sounds good! Any suggestions for Crawfish?

      Thanks again. I know i am the billionth person asking the same questions. I was planning 4 full days in tow but i think i might add a day. Five days seems about right.


      1. re: Kangagirl83

        -Your dinners look great to me.

        -Lunches- yea, I might switch out something (August?) for something like Sylvain or maybe even Maurepas Foods (I haven't been there yet, but last time I was in town a few servers and bartenders I trust highly recommended to check it out, but unfortunately I ran out of time. Sounds really excellent though).

        -Cocktails- definitely go to Bar Tonique. Also, check out what's going on at Perestroika (?) at Pravda over on Decatur. The guys from Cure took it over so the cocktails are amazing and they have a really awesome chef doing some cool things. When I was there they were doing Russian(ish) food and just getting the cocktail program going, but by now, they may have moved onto a different cuisine- not sure, but absolutely a place to check out, even if just for drinks. Don't let the location near Coop's, and Margaritaville, etc turn you off, atmosphere is great inside.

        -Hopefully someone else will have some crawfish suggestions for you as well as Frenchmen St bars.

        Let us know how it goes!

      2. re: Bdav1818

        Sorry i forgot to mention that we would be there in April.