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Mar 31, 2013 05:32 PM

Best Restaraunt to Visit in Boston (Price doesn't Matter)

I am going to Boston in August and have been trying to find what restaurant to visit with my girlfriend. I am looking for a high end tasting menu. I am very adventurous and would like to visit somewhere that really sticks out and not a place you can find anywhere.

I am strongly considering Minton or L'Espalier (or both). Any thoughts or advice for a southerner heading to Boston?

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  1. i know it has its haters but I think you cant do much better than the tasting menu at Craigie.

    1. for sashimi, you could try o ya or uni bar.

      i have come to appreciate oleana for middle eastern food.

      and yes, i do like craigie though am not a fan of their wine service.

      1. Oleana might be a top choice to add to the traditional list (L'E, Menton, O Ya, Craigie, Clio/Uni)

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          Oleana, for the mezze and very unusual desserts

          1. re: Madrid

            Love Oleana but it is not what I would call high end and it does not have a formal tasting menu.

        2. Menton has a very good tasting menu with wine pairings. The service is attentive without being pretentious. However, you can find this class of restaurant in every big city around the world. You might want to try some of the places that make Boston unique - and I will leave it up to others to make suggestions since I am not a local.

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            For wine and good but not great food, Troquet, which has a cellar than even someone from SF could love.

            What about Strip Ts for something unique?

          2. Having done, over the years, tasting menus at L'Espalier, Craigie, Menton, Oleana, and No. 9 Park, my vote would be for L'Espalier. Exquisite, pampered fine dining experience. Oleana is lovely, but not quite that.