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Oct 23, 2000 02:50 PM

Good food around the Galleria

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I'd like some recs of restaurants around the Galleria. I'll be in town for a conference @ the end of October. Any type of food, but ethnic is preferred.


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    Albert Nurick

    My favorite restaurant in Houston is Americas; it's about a half mile down Post Oak from the Galleria. Wonderful South American cuisine in an interesting atmosphere.

    There's a good place that is actually inside the Galleria. Ruggles has a restaurant inside Saks that is quite good.

    Finally, what some folks consider to be Houston's best restaurant, Cafe Annie, is just down the street, and what used to be considered Houston's best, Tony's, is likewise down the street.

    You are in a great spot to explore Houston's dining scene. When you touch down, pick up a copy of Texas Monthly and check out their restaurant reviews for Houston.

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    1. re: Albert Nurick
      bottomless pit

      Thanks Albert...

      I'll let you know where I ate when I return.

      - BP

      1. re: bottomless pit
        bottomless pit

        Hey Albert -

        I liked Americas very very much. It reminded me of some of the eclectic (yet yummy) restaurants I found around NYC and Philly years back. My wife and I waited for a table (in the bar area) and we indulged in ceviche and their tasty fried plantains with a garlic-infused olive oil and italian flat parsley dip. Scrumptious!!! I wasn't too pleased w/ my entree, though. I had the deep fried yuca-wrapped shrimp stuffed with lump crab meat. The yuca was tasteless and the accompanying sauce was nothing to write home about.

        My wife's entree was great, though. She had the Gulf Snapper with fresh corn crust (pan fried). It was sweet and was cooked to perfection.

        Thanks for the recommendation.

      2. re: Albert Nurick
        Brent Christensen

        When I lived in Houston, I used to take dates I wanted to impress to Americas. I think the food is better at Churrasco's, but the overall experience is nicer at Americas (they're owned by the same people).

        With a car, you're not too far from the Bellaire Chinatown (20-30 minutes) and from the Pakistani area around 59 & Hillcroft, both of which have some good restaurants that are much easier on the budget than the Galleria area.