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Mar 31, 2013 05:00 PM

Soup or "Get Well" Food Delivered in El Paso

My mum isn't feeling well and I'm all the way in Austin. Was hoping for something like the Soup Peddler in Austin, but there's (no surprise there) nothing like that in El Paso. Does anyone know either a great restaurant or a caterer who will deliver some get well soup/food there?

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  1. I've researched grocery delivery in ELP and turned up nothing. I'm sure there's a Chinese restaurant near her that delivers, though?

    1. Well I hope this reply is too late - i.e., I hope your mum is feeling better by now, but here's a couple of thoughts. This is one place Yelp is useful.

      On the El Paso pages, under Food, I found these listings for food delivery:

      Not very promising but a starting point?

      Or just go to the El Paso restaurant pages and start looking. Yelp restaurant profiles include a mention of whether or not a place delivers. I pulled up Jason's under Deli's, for instance. Yes, it's a chain, but they do soup and Jason's delivers.

      Maybe you can even find a restaurant you know your mum likes that delivers