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Where can I buy schmaltz (chicken fat)?

Where in Manhattan could I buy schmaltz (chicken fat)? I tried East Village Meat Market, but they said they don't carry it. Whole Foods doesn't carry chicken fat either.

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  1. Any Kosher meat market. I use Fisher's on W. 72nd St. Note, however, that all be closed Mon. and Tues. for the last days of Passover.

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      Passover begins Monday 4/14 at sundown and is over at sundown Tuesday 4/22.

      Store might be closed all 8 days.

    2. they have it at Fairway. You can buy it prepackaged in a little container from Empire, check your local grocer in the kosher meats

        1. pretty sure zabar's or eli's would sell it...

          1. You can find it most Food Emporiums

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                  there are no Waldbaum's in Manhattan

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                    Food Emporium is there sister super market

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                      Food Emporiums are their sister organization

                  2. At the risk of sounding like a CH cliche...it's not hard to make (if you're stuck), especially if you don't need all that much.

                    Let me know if you want to learn how, or post in the Home Cooking board.

                    1. GO to dinner at Sammys Romanian and steal it off the table.