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Mar 31, 2013 04:32 PM

Where can I buy schmaltz (chicken fat)?

Where in Manhattan could I buy schmaltz (chicken fat)? I tried East Village Meat Market, but they said they don't carry it. Whole Foods doesn't carry chicken fat either.

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  1. Any Kosher meat market. I use Fisher's on W. 72nd St. Note, however, that all be closed Mon. and Tues. for the last days of Passover.

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      Passover begins Monday 4/14 at sundown and is over at sundown Tuesday 4/22.

      Store might be closed all 8 days.

    2. they have it at Fairway. You can buy it prepackaged in a little container from Empire, check your local grocer in the kosher meats

        1. pretty sure zabar's or eli's would sell it...

          1. You can find it most Food Emporiums