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Oct 12, 2000 01:33 PM

Vietnamese sandwiches in San Antonio

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Can anyone tell me where to get banh mi in San Antonio? They're made up of pate, mayo, and veggies on French baguettes.

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  1. Hi, try "Vietnamese Sandwiches" on Fredericksburg Rd. I believe this is the name. The restaurant is near an Indian Restaurant and Big Apple Bagels near the medical center. The place is only open till around 2 p.m. The sandwiches are excellent and very cheap less than $6.00. You get a cream puff and your choice of onion soup or a salad with the sandwich. I hope you enjoy the restaurant.

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      Your description of the location is spot on, but I think the place is called "French Sandwiches" and it has my most enthusiastic endorsement. I'm hardly ever in that part of town, and had wanted to try it for quite some time. I finally went, and now can't wait to go back. Great value too!