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Mar 31, 2013 02:36 PM

Great sushi in Dallas? Where can I find it?

I want great Sushi at a reasonable price! Where can I find it?

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  1. Everyone has their own favorites. Tei-An is considered one of the best but is quite expensive.

    My personal favorite is Sushi Sake in North Dallas (Richardson). It's also the favorite of all visiting Japanese businessmen. That should tell you something.

    Second best favorite is Masami. Owned and operated by the very popular former Sushi Sake sushi chef, Ryo.

    1. My favorite "reasonably priced" sushi spot is Sushi Robata at Frankford and the Tollroad.

      Despite being a chain, I'm a big fan of Nobu for expensive sushi.

      1. I am hardly an expert but we really like Crolls Sushi, NW corner of Frankford & Preston.

        1. We had some wonderful sushi at Yama Sushi (formerly Sushiyama) on Saturday night!

          1. I second Sushi Saki in Richardson. Our other casual favorite is Teppo in lower greenville (they also have Yakkatori). For a splurge, do the omakase at Kenichi. The head sushi chef really knows his stuff.

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