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Mar 31, 2013 02:28 PM

need suggestions on where to puchase a gift card for gloucester residents

My godchild was recently engaged; she and her intended are from Gloucester, Mass. I live in the Philadelphia area and would like to send them a congratulatory gift card to a very good restaurant. They are young, educated and well-traveled. Any suggestions? I am hoping to call a restaurant, pay over the phone, and have them send me the card so that I can the pass it on.


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    1. Franklin Cafe on Main St. is excellent also My Place in Rockport.

      1. duckworth for better food and more special atmosphere.

        1. If I lived in Gloucester, I might want get out of town to go out to eat, and it looks like a new smoker just arrived at 5 Corners Kitchen in Marblehead, so I would expect some promising bbq coming soon.

          1. Thanks to all the posters so far- one clarification- i don't think i HAVE to purchase something from Gloucester. Just as long as it is special.

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              Are they willing to travel in to Boston? If so, that opens up a much wider range of possibilities.