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Mar 31, 2013 01:30 PM

Canning using a lit match thrown in the jar to seal lids

My hairdresser, who is from Turkey, told me that when she cans homemade things like a recent batch of tomato sauce, she fills the jars, then lights a kitchen match, the wood kind, and throws the lit match in the jar and quickly seals it. When the match uses up all the air, the lid is drawn down, creating a vacuum seal. She showed me a jar she had done like this, and sure enough, pushing on the center of the lid, it was not springy at all. Has anyone sealed jars like this instead of processing in boiling water? Is this a safe method of sealing jars? It seems much easier than a water bath. She says she just takes the match out when she opens the jars. And she says the jars stay fine for a few years! I am afraid and don't want to get sick so if anyone out there has also used this method, please let me know. Thank you.

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    1. re: pikawicca

      Ditto! NO, NO, NO! Bad! Good way to kill someone with botulism.

    2. I would not be so worried about the SEAL as about the "pasteurization" of the jars in the water bath and the slow-cook process in the pressure cooker of the food.

      Would I trust the method to securely close jars of non food items-- absolutely. But there are other elements of the canning process that I believe insure safe food, beyond a sealed lid.

      Here's a blog about seal/canning:

      1. If you can at home then please, please refer to the National Center for Home Food Preservation for the latest information.

        The methods they approve are the safest that there is. Why risk your loved ones health?

        1. yes..why bother? It borders on truly unsafe I suspect in some places where they could not afford to equipment to o it right, they improvise....but the risk is just too great

          1. Sound like an easy way to make homemade Botox. Yikes!