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Mar 31, 2013 01:21 PM

Where to eat blue crab in New Orleans


Where is the best seafood in NOLA?

specifically blue crab? are they in season?

and best fried chicken?

thank you!

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  1. Fried chicken? St. Lawrence on N. Peters. Pretty rough service -- I've left a couple of times without eating it's so bad -- but the F.C. is very good indeed. The right amount of crisp, the right amount of salt ... good enough to risk the service nightmares and I don't say that lightly.

    (I know that the F.C. thing is highly subjective -- I'm pretty wow'ed by St. L. though and am willing to put it out there.)

    The best fried chicken *wings* are at the Manchu Food Store, corner of N. Claiborne & Esplanade. When you type that into your favorite search engine you'll see it's a small purple building that couldn't possibly turn out edible food. That is indeed the place. Don't go at night.

    1. Right now, crabs are a bit scarce...but as the weather warms up, they'll be more plentiful and cheaper. (Eat crawfish if you're looking for something right now). But you can get boiled crabs at Zimmer's Seafood on St. Anthony, Charlie's Seafood in Harahan, and Sal's Seafood in Marrero. Crawfish or crabs available at all three, depending on the weather.

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        Based on another, recent thread, it appears that Charlie's is closing:

        Unfortunately, all of my crab restaurants blew away in one hurricane, or another.