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Oct 8, 2000 03:38 AM

Luscious, crispy barbacoa torta

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I'm assuming it's real head meat, cuz ordinary beef doesn't act this way. The torta de barbacoa at La Mexicana bakery is something else. They bake their own bread - a significant plus, hence the other tortas are good - but when you slow-cook meat until it melts, and render it crispy afterwards, you touch my nerve center. This is the ideal.

I do add Valentina hot sauce at home, though it is already graced with a coupla hot chiles.

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  1. That's right! It's in Austin.

    1. Is that the bakery at Burnet and North Loop? Or, if not where?

      David Cook

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        Th La Mexicana Bakery at 1924 S. 1st. I don't know if
        it's related to the one on Burnet. Try the pastries as