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Mar 31, 2013 01:10 PM

2 great dinners in NY... Please help.

My wife and I travel to NY once a year and we are looking for 2 really good dinners. We have done all the Michelin 3 stars except Masa. We have not done any other than Chef's Table in many years and would be open to returning to any of them. I probably will return for one of the dinners to EMP. Although I don't want to just blow money, I am not going to miss something really wonderful because of cost. We like the idea of EMP or something of that type one night and then maybe doing a Momofuku Ko or somewhere where you watch them cook. I have read on here about Atera, Jungsik, Kapo, among others. I have not been to the city in almost two years and am not abreast of the new places. If you could only have 2 meals in New York and not return for another two years where would you go? We just love great food, the type does not matter. Also any reservation tricks as we are going in mid May would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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  1. This recent thread seems to be asking basically the same thing. It may prove useful:


    1. You might want to peruse the menus of La Silhouette and Lincoln. Both top notch when it comes to fine dining.

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        I don't want to hijack the thread but I couldn't diagree more regarding La Silhouette, a recent visit just was not good (and we use to like La S). Even when it was good I wouldn't put them in the same category as the upper echelon of fine dining in NYC.

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              We had a crummy meal at La Silhouette recently -- and such obsequious service it was comical. I thought I was the only one who didn't love this place!

          1. EMP, Momofuku Ko, Kappo at Ma Peche, Atera, Jungsik are all great choices. I'd also add Per Se (extended tasting menu for $600) and Bouley for your consideration.

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              I agree on Per Se for sure, and also EMP and Jungsik as choices for great dinners. IMO Ma Peche is not in the same league. Although the whole porgy I had there was amazing. But overall they have good dishes and not so good. Per Se, Jungsik, EMP, and I will add Jean Georges all are consistently great. I have never been Atera.

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                The kappo at Ma Peche has a completely different menu from the regular menu. I think you would like it.

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                  I think I was at the Kappo at Ma Peche. Had many dishes. Ate downstairs, ( there was a bar upstairs). The sign outside said Kappo. The pork buns were the same as the Momofuku ( delicious). and that whole porgy for 2( very expensive) but well worth it and delicious. The other dishes, including a beef were not too good. The pork chop for two was good but not amazing. When I look at menu pages, these look like the Ma Peche menu. I could not find a Kappo at Ma Peche menu. Was I at Kappo at Ma Peche? Also, they had a chef counter downstairs and were starting something new, a tasting menu. It was the first night of it and a special reservation was needed.

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                    Kappo IS the chef's counter downstairs with the new tasting menu. You need to make special reservations on the momofuku.com site.

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                      Sounds like you were ordering from the regular menu since you were not seated at the counter with a special reservation for the kappo dinner.

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                        Yes that is correct. They told me they had just started that chef counter special tasting. So that is Kappo. I thought Kappo was the restaurant itself.. Now I understand. Thanks. Thanks to Kathryn too

              2. I would definitely go to The Modern ( restaurant,not bar). we went there a few months ago and Im still dreaming of that meal. extraordinary preparation,enhanced by perfect service and ambiance..