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Unique fried chicken at Kitti's [Sausalito]

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It's almost not fair to mention it, since I don't know how often it will be featured, but last weeks "special" fried chicken was truly unique to my experience. It featured a huge leg and separate monster size thigh which I believe were first roasted and then coated in a shattering crust that resembled the hairy crust on deep fried taro balls. Accompanied by a generous green papaya salad laden with fresh shrimp and a ball of sweet red rice it cost about $12 (if I recall) and served 2 as a light lunch. Definitely worth asking about. On their menu more regularly, their fish tacos are hard to beat (at least in "hardscrabble" Marin County.)

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  1. That sounds really good.

    Speaking of fried chicken, Boulette's Larder did a lunch special (everything is a special there, as the menu changes 90% everyday) called "Chris P. Whey Cured Fried Chicken with Broccoli di Ciccio" last Friday, and it was super good, as expected - the unusual part was the humor in the description - I resisted asking if there was an new sous chef named Chris! The chicken did not have a thick crust, but it was crispy and savory (and their sourcing is impeccable), and the broccoli was flavored with a generous amount of preserved lemon.

    1. It's back. This incarnation was $15 but still a great deal considering the size of the salad and generous serving of chicken. This time the sticky rice was white, and the chicken was mostly boneless, kind of kara-age style. To be honest the crust was not so crunchy, but the fork-tender texture(it felt like sweetbreads )and subtle brining/seasoning of the chicken more than made up for it. It would serve two normal people, especially if you chase it with their superb mango and forbidden rice dessert.