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Mar 31, 2013 10:22 AM

Flour/sugar storage

So I'm looking to replace my plastic containers that hold flour/sugar. I store them on a ledge in our kitchen so I need them to be a very particular size. I found a brand I like that I want to get, Snapware, but I'm just not sure which sizes to get. The biggest one that I need will hold a 5 lb bag of flour. I'd prefer not to have it fill to the very top, so I can easily scoop even when it's full. Also, I don't always wait until the flour is all gone to refill with a new bag, so I appreciate having some extra space at the top. Of these two containers, one holds 17 cups, one 23.

Do you think the 17 cup will be big enough? I know for the Oxo Pop Containers, they recommend the 4 qt for a bag of flour...

Thoughts? Also, what size would you recommend for smaller bags of things, like 00 flour, powdered sugar, cake flour, brown sugar...? Thanks in advance!

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  1. Well, a common sense approach would be to buy one or two of those containers, and see how they fit in relation to all the other foods you need to store. Then either buy same size, bigger ones, or smaller ones. Always worked for me.