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Mar 31, 2013 09:49 AM

Brooklyn Commune

I have been staying near Prospect Park and had breakfast 3 times at the Brooklyn Commune. I had previously been to the Clinton Street Bakery and Community Food and Juice for breakfast and rate this higher. The lemon ricotta pancakes were incredibly light and moist, the grits with cheese and poached egg was perfect comfort food and a sort of farm house plate was absolutely delicious. I never got round to their lunch or supper dishes but they sounded good.

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  1. I come to the Commune several times a week. I have only had breakfasts and lunches, and they are out of this world. Amazing egg sandwich with salad. An incredible Vietnamese rice salad that melts in your mouth. And the kale Caesar salad is is chewy with delicate curls of parm cheese is extra filling. On certain days they make an outrageous banana bread pudding. The owners are super friendly. Just a fantastic place to bring friends and family!!

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      +1 on the Viet salad. Great coffee and the best little snack item for a buck apiece - the reddish-orange-tinged corn cakes.

      Since the OP, they seem to have dropped lemon ricotta from the menu. I've been hunting for it at the Brooklyn Flea/Smorgasburg...without success.

      1. re: Mike R.

        Yes, great strongggggg coffee. All their baked goods, including scones and homemade oreos, are fantastic. Not sure about lemon ricotta. I am sitting here now and will ask!

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          Chris told me that they stopped serving lemon ricotta couple of years ago. They replaced it with Challah French Toast. I'm sure that is just as great as everything else here. I just sampled his melon with proscutto when he came by with a free sample. The vinegrette dressing is a thing of beauty, powerful and subtle at the same time. I topped it off with more coffee and one of their midnight brownies, and am flying hi.