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Mar 31, 2013 08:48 AM

Joe Beef-less crazy earlier or later?

I am assuming it is always slammed based on what I have read, but would I have a better chance of walking in as a solo diner when they open or later closer to closing time(guessing 11p-12a since they just say "close")? I don't expect a leisurely, sedate dinner but would prefer not to feel pressured and uncomfortable to hurry up, eat and leave. Advice anyone? TIA.

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  1. they won't rush you as a single diner at the bar imo, early or late. best thing to do is call at 3pm day of and ask them when would be the best time to walk in, kitchen closes at like 11, I believe.

    1. My advice is to not attempt to walk in, even as a solo diner. Try to book on Open Table (only available when the restaurant is open), or call the day of. They book tables at 9:30 and 10 pm, so often diners are still there at 12-12:30am. Its possible that you might grab a spot if you arrive at around 11pm, but you never know.

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        Nah 11pm is too late. You won't be able to order food. 2nd seating is at 9:30. It's actually not that hard to get in even on the weekend as a solo diner at the bar IMO.