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Sep 30, 2000 01:38 PM

bagels in San Antonio

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I just moved to San Antonio and am missing good, fresh bagels. Any recommendations? Any other outstanding restaurants that you want to share?

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    Charlie Whelan

    Welcome to San Antonio!

    As anyone from the East Coast would decry, there are no good bagels to be had anywhere else but New York City. But try Benny's Bagels, they're in the book and really good.
    There are lots of great places to eat in San Antonio because so many different types of people live here. (Hey! We wouldn't be America's 3rd fattest city for no reason! Incidently, New Orleans -#1, Chicago-#2) My warning would be to approach all Mexican/Tex-Mex food carefully, since there is a lot of crap out there. Try Rosario's (1014 S. Alamo St.) down in the King William district for some good stuff. Skip everything on the Riverwalk because it's trash. Town and Country has great barbeque. If you're looking for something more ethnic, let me know because I can tell you pretty much the best stuff in town. The San Antonio Express-News publishs a good restaurant magazine that has some good recommendations every once and a while. Give it a shot.

    1. Try DELIcious

      1. Heather:
        Just discovered chowhounds, thanks to Calvin Trillin's piece in the latest New Yorker magazine.

        The best bagels we've found lately are at Benny's Bagels on Huebner at Bitters.

        You missed the most marvelous bagels several years ago, when Steve and Peggy Shearer owned and operated The Bagel Worx.

        Delicious Deli has bagels at the only Kosher market in town. It's at Callahan off Fredericksburg.

        Happy eating,
        Nat .

        1. I'm Brooklyn born, 28 years there. New jersey 28 years. The best bagels in san Antonio are at Bagel Factory off of 281 just behind the Taco Cabana. No other competition in San Antonio or Austin. I've tried others.... Forget it.

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            No doubt, they are the best. I wish they had a license to sell lox by the pound though, there's no one place to go to get bagels and all the fixings.

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              Big Apple Bagels has several locations and just opened on Houston Street. The Hyatt Regency has a bagel shop but I can't remember the name. I've lived here 5 years ago and you really couldn't find much in the way of bagels but they've really caught on lately!

              Big Apple Bagel
              8434 Fredericksburg Rd, San Antonio, TX 78229

          2. Big Apple bagels on Fredricksburg road are good, I'd rate
            them 7 out of 10 for San Antonio. Bagels Factory @ 15909 San Pedro beats them all. In San Antonio, Bagels Factory is as good as it gets for bagels. In San Antonio and for that matter they
            are 9 out of ten. Want better bagels? Hop a flight to New York city, New Jersey, or