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Mar 31, 2013 07:36 AM

Chinese wedding rehearsal dinner

Any suggestions for an ~30 person wedding rehearsal dinner? In particular, if there is a great authentic Chinese restaurant that could serve a fairly traditional Chinese banquet, that would be perfect. Decor is not important. We will have one pescatarian in the mix. thanks for your help, everyone!

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  1. Mandarin Kitchen has fixed price banquets, 10 - 12 dishes, for 10 people per table. You can book a private room with 3 tables and it would certainly be authentic.

    1. You might check with Peking Garden in the Midway Center.

      They seemed to have the room. Maybe they've got the skill?

      1. Check to see if Little Szechuan or Teahouse might be able to accommodate you - they have authentic food, albeit their menu is typically Szechuan. What about Grand Shanghai in Saint Paul as well?