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Sep 20, 2000 11:54 AM

Liberty Noodles and Korean restaurants in Houston

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This pan-Asian trendy fusion restaurant is located in the Rice Hotel downtown.

My take on this place is this so far. I tried the "Korean rice bowl." The quantity is very huge, I'll say that much. The quality is very wrong though. It tasted like cooked beef that they cooked in a pan and then slapped on teriyaki sauce. The rice was Jasmine rice, totally wrong choice I think, as it's much better with the shorter, puffier grains of rice.

For that kind of fare, that pseudo-teriyaki fast food, I recommend the Miyagi Bowl for that hearty beef bowl.

For REAL Korean beef dishes, bulgogi, cooked with excellent flair, there are Seoul Garden, Korea Garden, Nam Gang and Asiana..............just along the cross streets of Gessner and Long Point.

What the Establishment Houston media have not talked about more is how there is a thriving Little Korea district up in the Long Point/Gessner area just north of Memorial City. Find all the Korean restaurants you want.

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    Beatrice Dante

    You're right, Liberty Noodles isn't authentic, and expensive. It's good to know about the budding Korean community. I love Korean barbecue.

    1. Wordlyman,

      My parents live in Houston and I believe we go to Seoul Garden when I visit. Which places (either mentioned or not in your post) are your favorites for Korean?

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      1. re: Steve Zang

        I do find Seoul Garden to be better than Sam Bo Jung and Korea Garden. Nam Gang is really good also, on Gessner at Long Point crossing.