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Mar 31, 2013 07:13 AM

Uses for Coronation Sauce?


I got this jar of Stokes Real Coronation Sauce from a local British food shop in the Boston area. It's my first, and it is amazing! However, I need ideas for using it before it goes bad.

I know I could just make a chicken salad with it, and I am happy to, but I thought I'd ask this capable forum if you use it for anything else.


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  1. I have always known coronation chicken to be used as a 'filling', a sauce that was always mixed with diced or shredded roast chicken. Tasty in a sandwich (including toasted ones) and I always enjoyed it as a topping to a baked potato.

    For a more experimental idea, you could make chicken goujons with it. Dredge the strips of chicken in the sauce, coat with panko and bake.

    1. Potato, tuna or egg salad?