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Mar 31, 2013 06:57 AM

Easter Dinner - Green Bean advice:

I have to bring a dish to family dinner tonight, and I want to make steamed green beans, but does anyone know if you can make them earlier in the day and warm them up in the oven without sacrificing the texture/flavor? I don't want to end up with a big bowl of flavorless mush, but kitchen space and time is an issue and I won't be able to cook them there. Any advice is appreciated!

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    1. I make this recipe from Epicurious for almost every holiday dinner. They are good at room temp. I like feta better than blue cheese in this. I've also just used parmigiana in a pinch.

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        i was going to suggest a green bean "salad" as well and this looks great! agree about subbing out the bleu. not everybody likes it and it might not play well with rest of the menu.

        a cold or room temp dish removes the "last-minute" hassle of a reheat and needing oven space. one less detail over which to fret.

      2. Yes, just submerge in an ice bath after steaming to stop the cooking and preserve the texture and drain well.

        1. Thanks to all for the advice. The ice bath and reheating in the oven worked out just fine.