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Mar 31, 2013 05:55 AM

Québec Exquis 2013

The menus for Quebec exquis have finally been revealed : (French only


We plan to try two menus : Laurie Raphaël and Table.

I've really enjoyed the last two editions of the event.

Anyone else planning on going? Would be nice to get reviews when you've been also!

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  1. Nice. Thanks for sharing. I'll actually be in Quebec city at the end of April (I live in MTL) and might be able to do one lunch and one dinner at these places.

    I've already been to Aux Anciens Canadiens once, so I'd like to try something new. I'd love to know what people have to say in the way of recommendation.

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      Well, Saint-Amour and Patriarche are two really good tables. I really enjoyed them, but they're too expensive for regular visits in my case, think around 200$+ per couple.

      I've heard good things about Chez Boulay and Espace MC, both somewhat recently opened. Panache and Laurie Raphaël also have a good reputation.

      I like Table, it's a bit more casual than the previously mentioned. SSS was also good.

      If you plan on trying the Quebec Exquis menu, you should just look at the menus offered and pick the restaurant from what you feel like eating.

      I've been wanting to try Chez Boulay and Espace MC, but it's the menus that made us chose Laurie Raphaël and Table.