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Mar 31, 2013 04:49 AM

What is the best Greek restaurant in Bayside?

I will be here next week and have been told to go to Laterna. I wanted to get some pics from my fellow chowhounders! Thanks for any help!

Price reange soes not matter, as long as it it good!!

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  1. Avli on BellBlvd. Not fancy, inexpensive, crowded, no reservations; BUT delicious food. Actually I am not familiar with any other Greek restaurant in Bayside. I think even if I were, I would probably go here.

    1. mediterrean grill in whitestone on willets point is very good, much better than avli I think

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          they have lunch special which is quite good and reasonable--good spinach pie (large portion, too), octopus great, too--

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            Thanks. I'll check it out when we go to the north fork.

      1. Avli on Bell Blvd. Love the Grilled Stuffed Chicken.

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          If you are limited to Bayside, and you want Greek, I would also go with Avli on Bell.