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Blackstones Steakhouse Mt. Kisco

My husband and I tried the new steakhouse last night. I've never been to either of the restaurants that occupied the space before and found it cave like and had a bit of a musty smell when we first walked in. But it was nicely decorated in steakhouse fashion - wine all around and lots of dark wood. There is a nice bar in the front and restaurant seating to the rear. The place was already getting crowded at 6 PM. Staff was friendly and knowledgeable; service was well timed and very attentive. The steaks, as is typical with steakhouses, came with nothing. Your sides were extra, but a sauce of your choice was included. We started with a shared appetizer of sizzling bacon - it had a specific name but I can't remember it - one thick piece, nicely caramelized and it was delicious. My husband also had the big eye tuna tartare with avocado and it was also excellent. The bacon was $4.95 and the tuna $15.95. We shared the porterhouse for two - it seemed most were doing that. They also had other mains but we were there for steak. It was huge and it was a great steak to rival any porterhouse I've had. It was priced at $39.95/person. Now, having said that, the porterhouse up at Chophouse in Mahopac is also very good and $60 -but this place has all the other steak house stuff - like good wine! My husband had a side if sautéed asparagus and I got a baked potato - I'll be eating that thing for days!! Sides were $7.95. I will say the hash browns looked amazing but they were cooked with butter and my husband is allergic. They had a very nice selection of wines by the glass and well priced for the area - considering North has wines on their by the glass list at $35/glass, these were 10/11 and a nice pour. We did not have dessert - who could... the bill came to $212 with tip for the two of us with two glasses of wine each. We are very happy to have a good steak place so close to home!! It's not an everyday place at the price, but once in a while it is worth the splurge.

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  1. How does thisplace compare with Willett?

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      I haven't been to Willet in years, but from what I remember this steak was better.

    2. Thanks for the review wincountrygirl, I'm looking forward to trying it.

      1. That sounds great. We live close to Benjamin but can't bring ourselves to go due to all of the negative reviews. We will definitely try Blackstones.

        1. BTW Zagat comments rave about Benjamin...

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            That's nice. It still is overpriced and ch-ers certainly don't rave about it.

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              We had an obscenely expensive dinner that was really not worth it at all. We found, in comparison to other steakhouses we enjoy, that the food and the atmosphere was lacking. We won't be back, but maybe they have changed things up since our visit last Spring.

          2. Thanks for the review! I live in the area and will put it on my 'to try' list. My neighbor recently ate at Benjamin's and liked the food but felt very rushed through the meal. I've never been, myself.

            1. Thank you so much for the thorough review. I take particular note of your wine list comments. That is my #1 pet peeve of top steakhouses in the NY Metro area. Guess we will have to take a drive.

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              1. Been here three times since they opened and found it on par if not better than both Benjamin's and Flames. The tomatoes an onions are definitely in Luger's league (as is the steak sauce)
                And both the filet mignon and their Blackstone Chicken
                had me dreaming of returning. The service couldn't be better, ask for Jack. To someone who lives in this area, it is the best
                most satisfying new restaurant since Little Kabob House arrived. Pretty soon the reservations will be harder to get

                1. Went back to Blackstones last night and I think it will be the last time. Somehow, all of the good parts of the first visit were not evident this time. Perhaps since they have now been around for a bit, they were not trying as hard. What changed? Well, first off, yesterday was a humid day and the space seemed more dungeon-like. It was stuffy and uncomfortable until they finally upped the AC. While there were a ton of servers around, none of them, except one, were attentive. And while service was not particularly attentive, it was too fast. We were in and out in under an hour, and for that money, I really prefer more laid back service. The appetizer was still good - we shared the sizzling bacon, but its bacon. What can be bad? We shared the porterhouse for two and the steak was not as good as the first time. Some pieces were fine, some were a bit grizzly. And I asked for the home made steak sauce which was great the first time. When they brought it out it was congealed - like jelly. I sent it back and a waiter returned with it and explained that they keep it in the fridge so it's just cold. Wait, cold? Why would I want to put cold steak sauce on my hot steak? I sent back the steak sauce jelly and opted for Béarnaise. We also got a side of mushrooms. Everything, with the exception of the bacon, needed salt. Next time we want a porterhouse for two, we'll go back to Chophouse. The steak was better than this and at $60 for two including sauce and two sides, it's a much better value. No wonder you can't get in there last minute but can go to Blackstone's whenever you want!

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                      While I still haven't gotten to Blackstones yet, I have been in restaurants that were formally there and I agree with you on your description of a dungeon like feeling. I hope they have proper AC for the upcoming summer months. Hope it was just an off night for them.