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Help me dine...Newport, Mystic, Fall River, Providence, Middletown

Our original vacation plans fell through, so now we are off to RI in 3 weeks! Staying at the Residence Inn Middletown. We have 3 and 4 year old boys. My inlaws will be joining us.

Plans are to visit the Roger Williams Zoo, Battleship Cove, Mystic Aquarium, the Cliff Walk, and ???. I'm really just starting this planning. Where would you recommend for lunch and dinner? We prefer local to chains. My 4 year old LOVES sushi. Mexican would be the only cuisine we aren't interested. Any fun, local places? Even recs for candy shops or ice cream would be great.


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  1. Peking Tokyo is right near the Mystic Seaport and they have wonderful sushi.

    1. Local: Brick Alley Pub In Newport has a varied menu, a salad bar and kids will like it. Booths are cozy too. Had lunch here last week.
      Casual seafood in Middletown: Anthony's Seafood for fried clams,fish and chowder. Very casual and excellent Featured on that diners drive-in's show recently.Also has a fish market and takeout too.
      Sushi: hmm in town not sure. My daughter is the sushi nut and she likes Jackie's Galaxy in Warren. Wonderul sushi and other Asian food as well. Might be worth the 1/2 hour ride.
      Casual Breakfast spot in Middetown Atlantic Grille. Line out the door on weekends.Follow it with a walk on Second Beach.
      Clam chowder: Black Pearl on Bowen's Wharf in Newport.
      Castle Hill Restaurant: Stunning view.Rlelais and Chateau property. Nice spot to stop and take pictures and have a drink and watch the sunset.Fabulous food but more of a grwn-up place.
      Atlantic Beach Club Middletown: Has a wide menu and you could go for a walk on 1st beach before or after. Best spot on island for baked stuffed lobster in my opinion.

      Ice cream: If it's open for the season the gelato shop Cold Fusion on Thames in newport is so good.
      Frosty Freeze in Middletown is a hop ski and jump from your hotel and has very good ice-cream and soft-serve as well. I think they open April1.
      Others may have different ideas and opinions.

      1. If you can plan a stop at the New Bedford Whaling Museum too! If its open there is a great ice cream place right down the street.

        You'll need to at least drive by Mystic pizza.

        Kitchen Little in Mystic is great for breakfast but I believe they recently moved, not sure if the food has changed.

        1. Yes the New Bedford Whaling Museum is a great spot with kids!

          1. It's been a few years since I've been there, so check details. But, if you find yourself near Tiverton, RI (between Bristol/Middletown and Fall River) Gray's ice cream is a fun spot, especially with kids.

            Just down the road is Evelyn's drive-in which is a fun seafood shack type place with good food. I think they are not open year round though. Makes a great lunch combo. Both have open space for kids to run around and no one will mind.

            In Pawtucket, RI there is the Modern Diner. Which is an old-school train car diner, with modern food. The kids will like sitting on the train car side. Order off the specials menu only or you will be disappointed. Can be really crowded on weekends.

            I also used to really like Flo's clam shack in Middleton. Though I think it's a better place to hang out at the bar and drink beer and eat clams than to go with kids. They have decent RI (clear) clam chowder.

            1. Mizu in Middletown is good for sushi and hibachi. We love going to Blue Plate Diner for a quick, cheap, family-friendly lunch. There are a couple of Thai places here but the only one I've thought was authentic is the one on Thames. Mama Leone's is horrible, avoid at all costs.

              1. Thanks everyone! This is great. Can't wait to check out all of the links.

                1. Sweet Berry Farm in Middletown, not far from Third Beach,
                  has terrific ice cream as well as a dining area and shop with artisan cheeses and other specialty foods. There is berry picking in season. It opens for the season on April 11.

                  I second Anthony's Seafood in Middletown for fish, clams, chowder, etc. It is casual enough for a four year old. It is also a retail fish store with a fine selection of fish, scallops, lobster and some prepared foods.


                  1. What kid doesn't like cupcakes. Go to Cupcake Charlies on Thames in Newport. My daughter went to college in Newport and still lives there. I never miss a stop at CC's.

                    Right in Middletown, go to The Blue Plate Diner for a nice breakfast. I will second Atlantic Grille. They also have good breakfast and lunch.

                    You might also want to try The Red Parrot in downtown Newport. If you can't find something on their menu you like, there is something wrong.

                    1. Sounds like you'll be in the vicinity of the Back Eddy in Westport, MA. It's a somewhat pricy seafood shack, right on the water in Westport Harbor. I haven't been in a few years, but I'd definitely check it out. It's a loud, boisterous place, so good for kids. Right near Horseneck Beach, too.

                      Very much a local place, in terms of their food sourcing.

                      PS definitely check out the Modern Diner!

                      PPS if you want some really good RI-style Italian food (heavy on the seafood), check out Mike's Kitchen at the Tabor-Franchi VFW Hall in Cranston. Make sure you get an order of polenta. Bonus: Local color out the wazoo. Trust me on that. 8<D I don't know where you live, but I guarantee you don't have a place like this.


                      1. In Newport:
                        Tallulah on Thames does tacos with their taco cart most days of the week. Check out their twitter to find it. I know you said you aren't into Mexican, but this stuff is really great Mexican, maybe it will sway you.

                        Third for Anthony's. Its the best.

                        Chez Pascal's Wurst Kitchen for lunch tue-sat at the restaurant on Hope Street. They have great hot dogs and housemade sausages and sandwiches.

                        Sakura on Wickenden Street has good, affordable sushi.

                        Angkor just off Wickenden also has decent Cambodian.

                        Julian's on the west side has a great brunch and a decent dinner. Kid friendly, but also hipster friendly.

                        Venda Ravioli on Federal Hill is great for buying cured meats and then having a picnic. And if your kid likes cake check out Pastiche. A bit pricy but really nice. Scialo Brothers has classic Italian desserts and breads. Also quite good.

                        Cliff Walk was still closed up to about a week ago- its only open from Bailey's beach to the first street exit (I can't remember the name) and then I think starts up again at Ruggles Ave, near the breakers.

                        If your 4 year old likes sushi, maybe he'll like raw oysters. You can hit up Matunuck Oyster Bar in Matunuck for some incredible oysters and great lobster rolls.

                        1. For candy shops my favorite is destination chocolate on Bowen's Wharf. It's has a wide selection of beautiful chocolate and wonderful salted caramels. It might be fun to go befhrehand into the Aquidneck Lobster off Bowen's wharf and ask to see a really big lobster if your kids would like that kind of thing.There's also a nice chocolate shop on Williams St. and two fudge shops one on Thames across from the Brick Mkt. and the other farther down Thames St.Another idea would be a hike at the Sachuest Point refuge if they have reopened it by your arrival. Free and lovely.

                          1. Dog Watch Cafe just outside of Mystic was great I had a really enjoyable experience there, I had fried clams and they were the freshest I've ever had.

                            Right near the Mystic draw bridge there was a great Ice Cream spot, well there's two near eachother but the smaller of the two was amazing

                            1. ditto on Dog Watch Cafe, it's great. But it's in Stonington, the next town over from Mystic. Also in Stonington is Noah's and the Water Street Cafe. Stonington is a good destination for eating.